Apr 22

Fit tip: Former firefighter gives his advice for weight loss, eating healthy

Fit tip: Former firefighter gives his advice for weight loss, eating healthy

He shared his weight loss journey with us and offered advice for people … You should re-train your body to be able to burn fat like it did when you …
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Dr. Oz: Alkaline diet prevents inflammation and accelerates weight loss

Dr. Mehmet Oz discussed the health and weight-loss benefits of an alkaline diet on the April 11 episode of … High-fat dairy such as butter and cheese.
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Fitness Friday: Get into the "Orange Zone"

Here's where the science meets fitness, the program is designed to maximize your fat loss by tapping into your fat storage. But you don't want to the …
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Apr 19

So how do you lose weight and keep fighting fit?

So how do you lose weight and keep fighting fit?

“Doing resistance work tells your brain that you need the muscle for something, and this will help to burn fat in recovery afterwards, and not just …
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Fat loss marvel: Here's how Jimmy Moore dropped 180 pounds

Forty two- year- old Jimmy Moore lost 180-pounds of weight dropping from 410 pounds to 230 pounds and feels a thousand times healthier.
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The Fit Fontana column: Eating 'clean' is essential for good health and weight loss

In order for people to reach their fitness goals and continue on their fat loss journeys, eating “clean” is essential. Well, what is “clean” eating?
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Bodybuilding Quote of the Day

Zyzz quotes

Quote by Zyzz

Apr 15

Peanut Butter Cookie No Flour No Sugar

Peanut Butter Cookie No Flour No Sugar


Just getting back to getting fit again so playing around and getting my recipe game back intact. Enjoy!

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Triathlon Workout: Cycle 2 (Olympic Distance) – Week 1, Day 5

The second cycle of Triathlon workouts will prepare you for an Olympic distance event.
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Gymnastics Workout: Cycle 3, Week 9, Day 5

Repetition is what makes a gymnast so good at their sport. The third cycle of Gymnastics Workouts…See all stories on this topic

Apr 12

Women's Workout: Cycle 12 – 90 Day Women's Workout Challenge, Week 7, Day 3

Women's Workout: Cycle 12 – 90 Day Women's Workout Challenge, Week 7, Day 3

The 90-Day Women’s Workout Challenge is comprised of total-body workouts that will challenge…See all stories on this topic

Why Winning and Losing Matters and the Dodo Is Extinct

Schools insist on equality of result. No one fails and no one’s self-esteem is damaged – and…See all stories on this topic

Arnold Classic 2014

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Nov 11

Extremely Simple Fat Loss


Jim Rowley just announced he is launching a new program called “Extremely Simple Fat Loss” and is supposed to launch sometime in January.

Since it is very new, it is hard to say much about it. Jim rowley is a known fitness instructor and teacher, known most for his product Hard Candy Fitness. 

It’s a great product, and there are lots of good reviews out there; hopefully his new product, Extremely Simple Fat Loss will be just as good?

There’s only one way to find out…

Once it launches, we will do a thorough Extremely Simple Fat Loss review and let you in on the results!

Stay tuned as we will be regularly updating this post to let you know some of the upcoming news and information regarding this product.

This is a product that I highly recommend because it is all natural and a way to lose weight the way your body was meant to…without using dangerous prescriptions like Rimonabant or Hydroxycut.

Nov 05

Bodybuilding Role Models To Look Up To

zyzzAs I mentioned in the first post, staying motivated is as easy as finding someone who has achieved the kind of success you would love to have. Having a role model gives you a concrete idea of what success is like to you.

Envy is a powerful emotion that causes people to achieve incredible things. In my bodybuilding career, I have come across a few people who I really admire. These are people that whenever I think of them cause me to push harder and feel more determined to reach my fitness goals.

#1 – Aziz Shavershian aka Zyzz: The famous Zyzz. If you have been involved in bodybuilding for even a small period of time, you most likely have heard his name. And if you haven’t, you may have heard some of the phrases he came up with while he was alive. Phrases like “You mirin’?”, and “brah” are things he came up with. To say he is anything less than a legacy is an understatement.

He had a body to die for and a lifestyle every guy wanted.

#2 – Lazar Angelov. He probably his the sickest aesthetics I have ever seen. His abs are nothing short of flawless. This is a guy who inspires me to get as ripped as possible. He is definitely on my very small list of heroes in the world of bodybuilding.

More to come!

Nov 04

The Top Prohormone Supplements You Can Take (For Bodybuilders)

jayAfter years of researching, reading logs & prohormone reviews on the internet, we have consistently come across the same 5 prohormones. Just a few minutes of research and one of these 5 are bound to come up.

That’s because in the prohormone industry, there is a lot of hype out there. Only very few prohormones actually do as they claim, so the ones that work usually blow up like crazy…and then are eventually banned because of it.

So what are the top prohormones to buy if you’re a bodybuilder?

Our favorite up until this point is Methylstenbolone. M-Sten is a fairly new compound that people are calling the new superdrol. It’s supposed to be just as effective an anadrol for building muscle, and is incredibly potent. You can see gains from 8-15lbs in just a few weeks from taking Methylstenbolone. (more about Methylstenbolone)

Ultradrol is a very popular form of methylstenbolone that you can buy and there are lots of positive Ultradrol reviews on the internet.

Finaflex 1-Andro is our second favorite. It is in the same category as 1AD, and we all know how well 1AD worked…to put it lightly. Finaflex-1 Andro is still available, but probably won’t be for long. You can get yourself a bottle for about $30-$40 bucks on places like Amazon or A1 Supplements.

Super DMZ 2.0 by Ironmaglabs has to come in 3rd place (even though they all deserve the number one spot, really). It is a potent combination of dimethazine and another powerful compound that is almost as potent as the original Super DMZ. Ironmaglabs is an awesome company and they produce more hardcore prohormones than any other company out there, period.

And last, but certainly not least, Andromass by Primordial Performance was a ground breaking DHEA based prohormone that shoot the steroid world. It actually converts into testosterone, supplies huge amounts of energy, and makes you more of a man. You feel alpha while on Andromass, which is what is so amazing about it. It is currently banned, but you can check out the new Andromass put out by ANDRO FACTORY that is identical to it.

Any of the above products you are sure to love. Some are not as good as the originals, but when it comes to prohormones, you can’t get any more powerful than the ones above.

If you decide to try any of these, please use safe dieting and cycle considerations, as well as a good PCT. You can get many prohormones for sale on the internet if you know where to look.

Be safe guys.

Nov 04

How to Stay Motivated When You Don’t See Results

girl-gym-motivation-nike-Favim.com-624765Fitness is not always easy for everyone. If you can stay motivated and you happen to love working out, you’re the minority.

Fitness is not something you do. It’s an entire lifestyle switch, which for some people, requires sacrifices they just aren’t willing to make.

You got to get up at 6 a.m to run, eat all healthiest foods, and ditch the old eating habits that aren’t exactly 100% ideal for what you want to achieve.

Face it. You need to find within yourself an unwavering amount of dedication, motivation and self discipline in order to pull this off.

So how can you keep motivated when you want to achieve your fitness goals?

#1 – Find motivational videos, pictures and stories about people who have changed their lives because of the great fitness choices they have made. A good dose of daily fitness motivation can easily help keep you on the fast track to success. The same goes with your diet motivation. If you don’t know why you’re dieting in the first place, you’re never going to stick with it.

You can also check out or recommended website on bodybuilding motivation, and read a few of the bodybuilding transformation stories.

#2 – Find a role model. There are hundreds of fitness models and bodybuilders with incredible physiques. Just go online and find a body that really amazes you; a body that would make you feel like king of the world. The reason why people can’t stick to a diet and exercise routine is because they lack desire for their goal. You have to really want it.

Instead of having a vague idea of a better body, find the exact body you will to achieve, print it out and study it often. Check out these bodybuilding motivation pictures to find one that really inspires you.

#3 – Get educated! The last and probably most overlooked step is education.

The biggest reason people give up on their fitness goals is because they don’t truly believe they will get what they want. They lack the SELF BELIEF that it takes for them to stick it through the tough times and make the necessary sacrifices. To increase your confidence, all you have to do is increase your education. Learn all the best exercise routines, put together a killer diet that you KNOW is going to transform your body; take ALL the best information you find and all your new knowledge and create a “blueprint” of exactly how you plan to reach your weight goal or fitness goal. This will get you excited as you start to believe you can actually accomplish your goal.

Once you get emotionally attached to your goal and increase your belief in achieving it, you will follow your diet and exercise routine and it will take little to no will power at all.

Take the three steps above: using motivational content to push you each day, having a clear idea of the kind of body you want and finding an example of it, and getting educated and learning how you will achieve that goal.

These are the keys to staying motivated and reaching a level of fitness you only dreamed was possible!