Beauty Tips For Pregnancy

Beauty Tips For PregnancyHere are a few beauty tips especially for our pregnant readers.

Dry skin

Your skin may become dryer in the later stages of pregnancy and it may affect various areas of your body. To help to combat dryness try to stick with cooler showers and baths than you did prior to pregnancy, using mild, gentle cleansers, soaps or shower gels. For excessive dryness try using a natural skin scrub, such as a loofah, or a soft facial brush. Keep showers and baths short and always follow with a good moisturiser. Stay hydrated with plenty of filtered or bottled water, glass bottles are best as there are currently fears about chemicals found in plastic bottles seeping into the contents.

Facial skin

Acne treatments, antibiotic treatments and skin creams that contain derivatives of vitamin A should not be used during pregnancy. To cleanse your skin affectively, again consider a soft facial brush with a chemical free facial cleanser. Ideally you can make your own cleanser – oatmeal mixed with natural yoghurt (1:1) can be very affective for

Helpful Beauty Tips Using Items From Your Home

Helpful Beauty Tips Using Items From Your HomeWouldn’t you like to know all those quick and crazy tips that you can do using products you can find around your home. While you want to purchase things to keep your beauty in line as well, why not maximize the use of what you already have. Keep reading so that you can learn how to have fun with these helpful beauty tips using items from your home.

Have you noticed a little extra static electricity in your hair, or maybe your hair just feels a little frizzy? Grab a dryer sheet, and rub the dryer sheet gently against your hair. You will start to notice that the frizzy look is gone!

Do you notice any skin blotches on your face? Well, break out the honey! Honey can help you clear up your skin, although you’ll get quite the laugh feeling like you’re just making your face all sticky. Still, allow the honey to sit on your face several minutes before wiping it off. It will help your skin complexion, and it provides

Humid to Dry Weather Skin Care

Humid to Dry Weather Skin CareAfter taking a recent trip from the humid climate of Houston to the much drier one of Los Angeles, I couldn’t wait to ask Sameera, our beauty editor, what was going on with my skin. The minute I stepped off the plane, my skin steadily became drier. Every morning (and sometimes when I had a break and went back to the house), I would mercilessly scrub my face to no avail. The flakes would not relent and moisturizer was not helping! So here are some tips from Sameera to help with those pesky climate change skincare issues.

Q) When I got to the cooler, drier weather, my skin flaked, especially around my mouth and nose. What is the best way to make flaky dry skin go away in an instant?

A) To get rid of dry, flaky skin in an instant, moisture is key. Sometimes, if you’re coming from a humid climate, your lightweight moisturizer won’t cut it, so always carry along a balm. Balms are excellent for treating really dry skin on-the-go: on the

Beauty Tips for a Healthy Glow

Beauty Tips for a Healthy GlowMany women prefer makeup that enhances their natural beauty rather than looking like they painted on their face. With so many products and opinions out there, it can be difficult to determine what products to try and what is simply not necessary. For those who like to keep it simple, here are some basic tips to get that lovely, healthy glow.

1. Healthy Skin

When it comes to skin, ignore all of the tanning commercials. The most important way to make sure your skin is glowing and vibrant, is to keep it healthy. Pick a face cleanser that matches your skin type to prevent blemishes and dry skin. Apply lotion with restoring vitamins, such as Vitamin E, daily to help it recover from exposure to the sun throughout the day. Use an exfoliate weekly to help remove dirt and dead skin cells in order to let the young, new cells shine through.

2. Enhancing Makeup

While the makeup in neon colors quickly catches your attention on the shelf, it is more likely to

Makeup Beauty Tips Not Magic

Makeup Beauty Tips, Not MagicStill another fascination of women is the use of the makeup. Makeup has been used for several generations to make women look more attractive and appealing to the eye. Beauty products are supposed to enhance your beauty, and yet not every woman is knowledgeable on how to apply them. To help, here are some tips that you should know to learn the basics about putting on makeup.

One of the salient makeup beauty tips that you should know is that you should always aspire for the natural look. The rule of the thumb is to hide imperfections and yet look natural. It is recommended that you should not attempt to exaggerate your makeup, especially in daylight. Just make sure that you apply just enough makeup to enhance your beauty, and not to create a clown face.

For your face, start with a basic foundation that matches your skin tone. If you are likely to be exposed to the sun, your skin tone will be a bit darker so choose a foundation slightly darker than your skin

Natural Beauty Tips for Healthy Hair

Natural Beauty Tips for Healthy HairIt is important to care for hair naturally, over colouring, over styling and poor diet are all factors that can be attributed to hair damage.  There are a number of factors you can take into account in order to improve the overall appearance and health of your hair, by providing your body with essential vitamins and minerals, leading a healthy lifestyle and following these natural beauty hair care tips, bad hair days will soon be left far behind.

Over washing hair and using to much lather can damage hair.  When hair strands are rubbed together, this causes friction, which can cause hair to tangle making it brittle and frizzy.  When washing hair, simply smooth a small amount of shampoo down the hair shaft towards the end to prevent fewer tangles. Conditioner can also help to soften the cuticle, by wrapping hair in cling film or a towel this helps to create a warm wet environment, which allows moisture to penetrate into the hair cuticle easily.  Leaving conditioner  on the hair for 15 minutes and then  rinsing with cold water helps

How To Find The Best Betting Site For You

When it comes to betting online, it is important to find the best betting site for you and how you like to bet. Whether that’s trying to find the one with the best games, the highest jackpots, or the best odds in sports betting, there’s a huge range of things that you can do to find which site is the best betting site for you.

Look At Payout Rates

There are plenty of ways that you can look at payout rates, and Return-to-player percentages, and most online sites should have this information available. If it doesn’t, then you should probably steer clear, so you’re not throwing money down the drain. Finding a site with the best payout rates, will help you to make the most of your money when it comes to online betting, and it is a really important factor when it comes to looking at where to deposit. Payout rates, and RTPs will tell you how likely you are to win on specific games on the site, and the higher the payout rate, the more likely you are to win on a game.

Scour The Game Selection

If you’re looking for a specific type of game, or a specific theme

Beauty Tips Face And Body

Beauty Tips Face And BodyFree beauty tip #1:

To clean facial skin without doing damage, do not scrub. Rather, use a gentle, oil and fragrance free cleanser, preferably one that is pH balanced.

For oily skin use a cleanser that contains benzoil peroxide or salicylic acid. Unless your skin is oily, avoid toner as this can dry out the skin.

Free beauty tip #2:

Invest in a magnifying mirror to closely scrutinize your facial skin. It will then be easy to identify enlarged pores on the central parts of the cheeks as well as blackheads in the area of the nose.

Free beauty tip #3:

Emergency treatment for puffy eyes: If you need to eliminate puffy eyes in a hurry, chill two teaspoons in the fridge, then place the hollow sides over closed eyes for a few minutes.

Alternatively, take two chamomile tea bags that have cooled after being steeped in boiling water, and place them over the eyes for a few minutes.

Free beauty tip #4:

Neck Area: While much time and

Tips For Young Girls

Tips For Young GirlsEvery girl wants to look beautiful and stylish. Being a teen girl does not mean that you put on lots of make up and do not put on anything. Though it becomes quite tough to keep the balance between overdoing the make up and doing minimal make up. Teen age is not easy and it becomes very hard for the girls to maintain their identity of being “just you”. Not every teenage girl can be so popular as you watch on the movies or on the cover magazine. These girls are trained by the make up experts time to time. But you have to make out yourself that what tricks you should apply to stand out in the group.

Here are some simple make up tips for girls to assist them and find which make up tip works for them and what not. Remember there certain face parts that you wish to play with like your eyes, lips as well as other parts. You just need to pick up your best feature as well as work on it!

Using Vitamin E To Your Advantage

Using Vitamin E To Your AdvantageWhilst skin care products generally won’t deliver nutrients deep into the actual living cells beneath the superficial layers of the skin, the vitamin E in many products is actually useful. Scientists have found that by applying antioxidants to the skin, free radical damage that would normally occur through exposure to UV light (say, from the sun), can be prevented or at least minimized. Vitamin E is a popular ingredient in many skin care creams.

The scientists found that the protective effects of vitamin E from that period of UV exposure were apparent 2 and 3 days later. The group of people who had vitamin E cream applied to their skin had less signs of inflammation than the group who were given the lotion without vitamin E. Inflammation is a sign of cell damage, and was measured in this study by the amount of blood flow to that area as compared to normal. This was a placebo controlled, double blind study, which means that some people received the lotion with vitamin E, some didn’t and neither group

Finding the Right Professional Skin Care in Phoenix

There area unit quite few skilled skin care merchandise publicized  out there, which may be a drag. I mean, we have a tendency to all have our own definition of what that term means that in our own minds. For some, it means that a high dollar product that’s presupposed to be higher than the remainder. For others, it means that professionals use it or that professionals suggest it.

There is still another cluster of individuals that assume skilled skin care merchandise area unit what the women behind the makeup artist Phoenix counter at the mall wish to use as you walk into the shop.

When I quote this class of skin merchandise although i’m bearing on people who area unit created with ingredients evidenced by science to figure. That method i do know i’m finance in a very product which will facilitate ME to induce the nice wanting skin I be. After all, what sensible is any such product if it very does not provide you with any results? Understanding that merchandise out there area unit effective and people you wish to remove or avoid shopping for is incredibly vital.

It very upsets ME that as you scan this, shoppers area

Anti Aging Beauty Tips

Anti Aging Beauty TipsWhat is really the best way to beautiful skin? How can you really have younger looking skin that glows? If you are using products on your skin that contain anything other than all natural ingredients, you are causing it harm. The only real way to beautiful skin is though natural ingredients that provide essential nutrients. Follow these anti-aging beauty tips for real and healthy results:

1. Clean Skin Is Healthy Skin

Deep cleansing is important for keeping skin healthy. Bacteria that comes from dirt and grime can build up in the pores, causing skin to have an unhealthy appearance. Choose a cleansing mask that you use every other week for deep cleaning the pores that contains the ingredient Kaolin. This ingredient comes from clay found only New Zealand and is the best ingredient for pore cleansing.

2. Natural Hydration Is Important

It goes without saying that daily moisturizing is one way to beautiful skin. However, the way you moisturize your skin is what makes the difference in whether it looks young and healthy. Use only

Beauty Tips For Teenagers

Beauty Tips For TeenagersAs a teenager, it is important to appear natural as much as possible. It’s not quite recommended to put on all those make-ups for an every day wear for maintenance. Generally, teenagers would only require light and mild maintenance on their looks as well as on their skin. Because just like the babies, they still have that kind of gentle skin and young look. Furthermore, top beauty tips for teenagers should be recommended.

Nowadays, the television and magazine advertisements merely focus on beauty products containing synthetic ingredients and chemicals that can cause health problems in the long run. Some advertisements even promote surgeries as ways of improving ones beauty regime, which somehow can be very disastrous to some patients. For teenagers, these kinds of advertisements are not highly recommended. Natural ways are the best alternative on top beauty tips for teenagers. It is not only an alternative but can also provide protection for the teenagers.

One of the top beauty tips for teenagers that is under the natural way is the use of water. Water not only

How to Reduce the Appearance of Age Spots

How to Reduce the Appearance of Age SpotsAge spots are mainly caused by long-term sun exposure. Although sun is the number one reason for developing age spots, smoking, a poor diet, poor liver function, and a diet rich in oxidized oils are also contributing factors.

These age spots are a result of the overproduction of lipofuscin, a dark substance produced by our cells. Age spots usually begin appearing when we are in our 30’s and, besides being unsightly, increase our risk of skin cancer. As is the case with most skin conditions, age spots are easier to prevent than to treat. Eating a diet rich in green leafy vegetables, carrots, yams, and other foods that are high in carotene will help reduce your chances of getting age spots in the first place. If you are already are suffering from age spots, don’t loose hope. There are options available to you to reduce the appearance of age spots, as well as improve the overall health of your skin.

There are several products on the market today that will help in diminishing

Research shows that digital tools are increasingly used in clinical trials

The use of technology in the healthcare sector is not new, at least in the developed countries of the world. It’s not a surprise, then, that the results of a new survey carried out by healthcare platform developer Validic revealed a marked increase in the number of professional organisations in the clinical trial space that have used digital technology to help facilitate their work.


Image Credit

Digital Data Driven Trials

The survey questioned respondents in the CRO space as well as other organisations operating in the field, and found that the majority (64%) were already using digital technology to carry out their trials, whilst nearly all of those questioned (97%) planned to do so in the next 5 years.

From remote monitoring and sensors through to innovative digital devices and products such as Imperial College’s digital ‘plaster’ – a wireless device developed in 2009 to monitor a patient’s vital signs – it would appear that we have only just scratched the surface of how digital can improve the way we carry out clinical trials.

Improving Patient Participation

Keeping patients at the forefront of every trial is central to

Did You Know About These Makeup Techniques and Ideas

Did You Know About These Makeup Techniques and IdeasWe resort to makeup in order to hide our flaws and enhance our beauty. With the hectic daily schedule and ever increasing pollution, taking a toll over us; women are complaining about dark circles and blemishes on their skin. Thus, makeup becomes their ultimate resort.

Whether it’s for a regular office day or a presentation to a high-end client, a big bash or a small affair of house warming party; women take help of makeup. Makeup provides women that much required confidence boost, by hiding their imperfections like spots and blemishes; and highlight along with enhancing their best features. You should have a clear understanding of the basic makeup techniques and makeup ideas in order to get the perfect look for yourself. Not having clear makeup ideas might put you up in some really horrifying disaster.

Never ever highlight multiple features

Avoid making a disaster by highlighting all of your facial features. Try to highlight only one feature at a time. Play with your eyeliners and get a winged eye, or

Healthier Skin Naturally

Healthier Skin NaturallyMany people think that drastic measures are required in order to have flawless, youthful skin. Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s possible to have better looking skin starting with things you already have in your home; no cosmetic surgery or expensive makeup required!

Healthy skin is moist and produces adequate amounts of oil from the sebaceous glands, producing a natural “glow.” Plump skin cells fit together like a carefully constructed mosaic, where each one has its own place. When skin cells dry out, however, they begin to lift and separate at an angle, giving skin a dull, flaky look that makes the skin appear older.

The two main causes for dry skin are environmental factors (weather, chemicals, the use of the wrong personal care products) and poor diet. In order to look great on the outside, you must first treat yourself right from within. A regular balanced diet is the number one defense against wrinkles, outbreaks and dry skin conditions. However, certain foods have properties that are most important for that glow that we crave. Here

How to do Manicure and Pedicure Spa at Home

How to do Manicure and Pedicure Spa at HomeTaking care of the nails of your both hands and feet is equally important as it is important to take care of your skin and hair. Manicure and pedicure spa are the beauty treatments for our fingers and toes respectively. These two services are not just mere beauty treatments. Manicure and Pedicure should be an integral part of your daily hygiene. Maintaining clean fingers and nails helps you to avoid letting germs inside your body. In this article, you’ll get to know how to do manicure and pedicure at home.

Steps to have a Manicure spa at home

  • Take a bowl of warm water or add a few drops of a mild shampoo and soak your fingers in it for some time, say five to ten minutes. It is important that you soak your fingers in warm water before you cut or file your nails. This step is common for both manicure and pedicure spa Soaking helps to soften your nails open the pores of your skin. Adding a few drops of

Sun Protection

Sun ProtectionThe skin has a defence mechanism against sun-damage, in the form of melanin. The production of melanin is accelerated on sun-exposure. However, we have seen that this defence is not enough. That is why protection of the skin, with ingredients that block the sun’s radiation damage, is so essential. These sun-block agents are incorporated into ‘sunscreens’.

Avoidance of the sun, specially at midday and in the afternoon, when ultraviolet radiation is at its height, can help to reduce the harmful effects. It is also essential to know that ultraviolet radiation is greater near water bodies, like the seaside and where there is snow. Snow, water and even sand reflect the ultraviolet reays and thus increase their rffect.

Exposure to the sun also causes moisture depletion and dries out the skin. Therefore, it is essential to step-up moisturisation, when you have been out of doors for a long time. The use of rehydrant cleansers, which contains aloe vera, can also help to control moisture loss. Aloe vera, like sandalwood, also helps to soothe and heal the skin.

When you

What do You Know About HD Eyebrow Treatment

What do You Know About HD Eyebrow TreatmentYour eyes, nose, and lips are the most significant features of your entire body. A well-done eyebrow brings out a great difference on one’s face. If given a well-defined, shape the eyebrow makes your eyes more prominent than ever. The overgrown hair of eyebrows can be trimmed and brought in a particular shape by plucking it with a tweezer or brow-plucking thread.

But what if you don’t have the right hair growth for eyebrows? What if your eyebrow hair is distorted at a place? There might be multiple faults along your both or either eyebrows. All these flaws of your eyebrows can be solved by the latest beauty technology, recently launched in India, called HD Brow Treatment.

HD Brows or High Definition Eyebrow is a beauty treatment concerning seven-step eyebrow shaping treatment. This particular beauty treatment involves a combination of techniques, including tinting, waxing, and threading. Only specialist HD Brows products are being used for this particular eyebrow treatment. There is also a full range of products you can purchase to enhance your